Tuesday, 29 July 2014


In a different time and in a different place, bank branches were hotspots of social activity. Customers could leisurely walk into branches and hobnob with the counter clerk over the filling up of passbook. Sharing a cup of tea with bank manager was a common affair and friendships and social networking happened at the bank branch.

In today’s fast paced world, nobody has the time to stop and stare. Banking has undergone a metamorphosis and has aptly proved that time is money. Internet banking and mobile banking has brought banks literally to the fingertips of customers, offering ease and convenience. No need to step into the bank premises to meet your daily banking requirement. Technology has all the instant answers.


But what is lacking is the social aspect of banking. Where is the friendly neighbourhood bank manager? Or the cheeky young clerk at the counters? The bank manager is busy chasing targets in the competitive financial world and the clerks have been replaced by  shiny computer terminals or ATMs. There is really no time to be friendly.

To fill this void, Kotak Mahindra Bank has come up with its jifi account, which  stands apart from all other such accounts. Not only does it live up to its name and get’s your banking work done in a jiffy, it actually gives your banking a social touch. You no longer have to bank in isolation!

The social banking aspect of the jifi account lets you enjoy instant updates of your bank account through your personalized Twitter handle. And don’t panic! Every tweet request you send will access your jifi account details that are safely stored on a highly secured virtual location. Nothing will be there in the public twitter domain and all information you require about your bank account will be sent through a DM (direct message) on your personalized Twitter handle.

And boy is the account social! There are a myriad of thing you can do with the Social banking aspect. All it requires is a tweet to get an instant and secure update on your account balance, transaction history, cheque book request, Net Banking PIN request amongst so many more account activities.

Social banking at its best! Every time you like or comment on Facebook, Kotak’s jifi will reward you with social points. The more social you are, the more points you earn! You actually get rewarded to comment on Facebook!

The account begs you to transact online or pay bills to earn transaction points. Transaction points literally mean money back in your account. And jifi is the only loyalty programme that lets you transfer your points. Be a friend in need or friend indeed. The beauty of Jifi is that it does not have any minimum balance requirements. This non-interest bearing account, pays high interest on balances over Rs.25, 000 by automatically creating term deposits with your spare cash.And how to open a jifi account? Simply invite yourself through the Facebook or Email option available on the homepage, to get started. Within a few days, you will receive an exclusive invitation from us to open your Jifi account. And since the bank is passionate about the social aspect, a Facebook account is needed to open a Jifi account. 

So, join this social banking revolution. Be a part of this game changing banking network and bring back the days where banking was a place full of friends!

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